Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Running ActiveXObject from Javascript

Problem: Can't run ActiveXObject from Javascript
Error: System.Security.Permissions.SecurityPermission

This error occurs when you are trying to run ActiveXObject / dll using Javascript.

A. Setting the security for the internet browser, i.e. Internet Explorer
1. Using Internet Explorer, set the security to low: Goto menu Tools -> Internet Options.
2. Goto tab Security.
* Under Internet zone, set security level to Low. Click Custom level button, in ActiveX controls and plug-ins section, Enable Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting*, then click OK.

* Under Local intranet zone, click Custom level button, enable things under ActiveX controls and plug-ins section, and the most important one, Enable Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting*, then click OK.

B. Setting .Net Framework 2 Configuration
1. Make sure you have .Net Framework 2 SDK installed on your computer. You may want to install it if you have not had it installed on your computer.
2. Goto control panel -> Administrative Tools -> open Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration.
3. On the Tasks, click Configure Code Access Security Policy -> Adjust Zone Security -> Make changes to this computer, and Next. Set My computer & Local Intranet to Full trust, then Next -> Finish.

Restart the Internet Explorer, then try running the Web page again.

PS: While it is not recommended to run untrusted ActiveX Object, because it may cause security leak; this is a workaround to solve the problem in case it is necessary to run the ActiveX Object on client side.


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