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Could not Load Type from Assembly

Could not load type 'xxxxxx' from assembly 'AssemblyName, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.

This error occurs when trying to open a webpage. The project is built successfully. However, when accessing particular page, the error pops out. The error message is actually quite long. This is only part of the error message.

On Visual Studio, go to menu Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> General -> Disable "Enable Just My Code" options.

PS: I am not sure if there is another more feasible solution. This might only be a workaround. There could be side effects. As of now, it is still working fine after this option is disabled.

Looks like this does not really solve the issue. I find out that if the project or solution is rebuilt, it will go to normal when the web is run. If it doesn't, rebuild, then try it again.

However, when the web is run on debug mode, some pages will get this error, thus not viewable. Another workaround is to view the web in browser (not in debug mode), then attach the process to the web. On Visual Studio, after the web is viewed in browser, go to menu Tools -> Attach to Process -> look for the web server process under which the web is run, e.g. WebDev.WebServer20.EXE
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