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Object tag not recognized inside form tag

Problem: When developing a page in ASP.NET, an object tag (<object>) is not recognized when it is placed in an HTML form tag (<form>).

   <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
    function readScript()

 <body color=white>
    <form name="frmRead" id="frmRead">
        <object id="Card" name="Card" classid="abcDll.dll#abcDll.Card" style="display:none" ></object>
        <input type=button value="Read Card" onClick="readScript();"></td>

Solution: Inside the <form> tag, <object> element is out of scope. Instead of directly calling the id of the object, get the id using javascript.
function readScript()
        var cardObj = document.getElementById("Card");

Special thanks to StackOverFlow :D
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