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"Friendly Visitors" Blog Award

Another blog award in this new year, from a friend, Septhian. Have just had time to post this blog award :) Thank you, Septhian ^^

This blog award is aimed at increasing the PageRank of the blogs listed from back links.
I decide to give this blog award to my friends:

  1. Amru Site

  2. Aphrodite: My so-called Life!

  3. Happy Family

  4. Blog Abbe

  5. MultiBrand

  6. Dark Smile

  7. Invaicu

  8. Ria Adria

  9. Start from the Experience

  10. Cynthia

Please kindly accept the award if you don't mind :)

For friends who are interested in this blog award, you are more than welcomed to post this blog award. However, please, do follow the rules to post this blog award, so that we can, together, increase our PageRank ^^

The rule is:
Give this "Friendly Visitors" blog award to 10 of your friends. Then, the friends in the list have to put the links beneath on their blogs:

  1. Avanca Linux

  2. Mauren’s Blog

  3. Mizan’s Blog

  4. Local Download

  5. The Vanmovic

  6. Pak De Sulas

  7. Harto Hadi

  8. Edwin's Personal Blog

  9. Sephtian's Blog

  10. Programmer's Laboratory

How to get free back links?
After putting the links above, delete the first link from the list, so that the level of the links move up by one level. Link no. 2 becomes no. 1, Link no. 3 becomes no.2, and so on. Afterwards, put your own link on the last one, i.e. no. 10. Please be honest in doing this. If every award receiver can give it to only 5 other friends, and all of them do the same, then the back links gained will be:
When you are at no. 10, back link = 1
At no.9, back links = 5
At no.8, back links = 25
At no.7, back links = 125
At no.6, back links = 625
At no.5, back links = 3,125
At no.4, back links = 15,625
At no.3, back links = 78,125
At no.2, back links = 390,625
At no.1, back links = 1,953,125

You can copy and paste the post above, and delete the first link, then add your own link on the last one. Otherwise, you can make a post of your own ^^ Remember to put your own link on the last one, i.e. no.10, so that you can get back links optimally.
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  1. ♥ria♥ said...

    wah makasih ya awardnya
    aku bungkus dulu yah ^___^V

  2. Steven Luck said...

    Sama² ^^

  3. AmruSite said...

    Terimakasih sob...
    Ijin angkut ya... hehehe...

  4. Dhana/戴安娜 said...

    salam sahabat
    nah sekarang komeng mas......memang rada berat sich......good luck ya

  5. hiabrother said...

    OK brow terima kasih telah mengirimkan awardnya dan sorry baru berkunjung neh ambil awardnya. Ijin yah :)

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