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Invalid Handle in Crystal Report

Error : Invalid Handle
An error dialog box which says "Invalid Handle" shows while saving crystal report document.

Solution : The solution may vary in this case. Sometimes, there isn't even any mistake with the report.
1. Search for crw32.exe on the computer, in accordance with the version of Crystal Report being used, right-click the file -> properties -> go to tab Compatibility -> check Run this program in compatibility mode for, and choose Windows 2000.
2. Check whether all data and connections are correct (be meticulous), i.e. stored procedures, tables, etc.
3. If everything seems fine, just try closing the crystal report, then opening it again.
4. If the error still occurs, try restarting the computer.
5. Last, if none of the points above works, go to point 2 ^^

NB : Try saving first, doing a little updates on the report, because if you've done a lot of revisions, then this error appears when you try saving it, all your works will be futile.
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