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Appending ArrayList to another ArrayList

A friend of mine asked about how to append an ArrayList to another ArrayList in C#. I found out that it's an easy task as long as the type of the ArrayList is the same. Just have to typecast it to ICollection.

ArrayList a = new ArrayList();
a.Add("Array 1");
a.Add("Array 2");

ArrayList b = new ArrayList();
b.Add("Array 3");
b.Add("Array 4");

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  1. AIKA GALLECA said...

    we do have this in our programming also
    this is one of the basic ways to learn hardcore programming.

  2. Steven Luck said...

    Hahaha, u do? I didn't, I only had the simple one, typecasting in primitive data type, in classes. hehehe...

  3. CookAtRice said...

    thx your code.

    I have more guess...
    How to access and change arrayList's value of arrayList?

    ArrayList a = new ArrayList();
    ArrayList b = new ArrayList();

    a.Add(b); //right?

    I wanna chang "apple" -> "kiwi"

    How I do?

  4. Steven Luck said...

    I don't think it's possible to change the value of an object in an ArrayList without re-adding it. You have to loop through the items and change it manually.

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