Friday, June 15, 2012

Formulas Not Calculating in Excel 2007

I just encountered a weird problem.
When I open an excel document, the formula does not seem to calculate. I have a cell containing formula. When I change the value of other cells which form the formula, the cell containing the formula does not change.

Find the solution. Somehow, the settings on my Excel changes.
I am using Office 2007. To enable the formula calculation, go to the Excel Menu, click Excel Options.

On the Formulas tab -> Calculation options, Choose Automatic. It was Manual before. If you choose Automatic, then the result of the formula will be refreshed everytime the document is loaded.

There is another workaround, if you don't want the formula to be recalculated everytime the file is opened. Press F9 to refresh the value of the cells with formula.


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