Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kido Virus

This actually has nothing to do with programming, but can't help posting it here. I guess my computer was infected by a virus, tried every way to fix it, none succeeds. I was using Kaspersky antivirus, then one morning when I turn on the computer, the protection is not running, and the update tab disappears.

A virus named Kido has been attacking my computer lately, but after being discovered by Kaspersky, I always delete it.

Not sure, but it should be the Kido that causes the errors on the system. Symptoms:
- Update tab on Kaspersky disappears.
- I was able to open Internet Information Services, but the service is not running, and when I tried running it, it's not responding.
- Cannot open another Internet Information Services or Services.
- Cannot connect to some network parts.
- Cannot open system restore.
- Yahoo Messenger, Meebo Notifier, or MSN Messenger is not running.

I solved it after I found out that there are 2 tasks running on the scheduler, at1 and at2. I notice that they have something to do with the virus which was encountered by Kaspersky, having to do with the Kido (which was deleted successfully by the Kaspersky -.-""""). I deleted both of them.

No sooner had I deleted them, the Messengers are logged in.. Everything goes fine. Phew... Strange case. (Though the update tab on Kaspersky does not appear yet).
Thanx to VX Tools, which helps me figure out there's something wrong with the running processes on the system, otherwise I wouldn't have figured it out only by looking on the task manager.

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  1. holy crap! I hope my computer not get invected by this virus type



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